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About our cattery


     WELCOME TO OUR CATTERY! My name is Elena Hildebrandt, I`m a Siberian cat breeder from Saint-Petersburg (cattery "Fialka" - reg. FIFe (2005)/WCF (2004), club "Bastet"(FIFe), club "Saffi" (WCF)). Our cattery is a collective one, we don`t breed colour-points (Neva Masquerade). All our cats are registered by FIFe. We plan to register our kittens by both systems: FIFe & WCF. At the moment our Siberians live in 6 houses, 6 families of Saint-Petersburg.

     TRADITIONS. In my Hildebrandts-Sgibnevs family the cats always lived in the house.

On this photo - it`s me & my 1st kitten Vas`ka (his 1st name was Vintik); photo was made about 1972, village Siverskaya, Leningrad region. Photo by Hildebrandt G.V.

My 2nd cat Pet`ka, one of the most beloves, he was so devoted & clever; photo was made about 1975, Leningrad.
 Photo by Hildebrandt E.G. & Hildebrandt G.V.

My 3d cat - Tikhon; photo made in 1979, Leningrad. We found this cat as  a kitten in our house, he was homeless.

On this photo - it`s me & my 4th cat Tioma, I just adore him, he was like a sun in our house; the photo was made about 1993, Leningrad.

My brother - Sgibnev Yuriy G., the photo was made about 1965, Leningrad. Photo by Hildebrandt G.V.

     My grandfather Hildebrandt Wilhelm-Bethold A. was a real pet-lover. In his country house he kept a little bear, a little fox, dogs, my father Hildebrandt Georgiy W. & his sister (my aunt) Hildebrandt-Savina Ludmila W. were also real pet-lovers; my aunt kept a pointer & her dog had even show awards.

On the photo - my aunt - Hildebrandt-Savina Ludmila W.,
the photo was made in the 30-th of XX century, village Siverskaya, Leningrad region.

     We thank a lot all the members of our collective cattery, who take part & help to develop our cattey!
     Karpova Inessa V., Doctor of Biology, professor; breeder & owner of 2 excellent Siberians - Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF/FIFe)Amour-Timange Fialka & WCH(WCF)Ulyana Chingi-Tura. Inessa is the soul of our cattery. In 2010 - graduated from the courses of felinology.

     Grigoryeva Tatyana Y., administrator in a trade company; an experianced cat-lover (before she had Angora cats), now - a Siberian breeder, the owner of 2 Siberian females - Manchzhury Gertsoginya of Fialka & Neva-Iskander Fialka. We thank a lot Tatyana for make it possible - to add the new blood lines to our cattery.

     Korneva Tatyana M. - according her 1st diploma - biologist, now top-manager in one of the biggest Saint-Petersburg companies; a real fan of Siberian breed, the owner of our sweet boy Oblomov-Yurik Fialka*RU. We thank a lot Tatyana for the many beautiful photos of our Siberians that made a part of our webpage design. Tatyana graduated from the special courses of photography. We also thank a lot Tatyana for the great care about our Oblomov.

        We also thank a lot for cooperation Chistyakov Sergei D. (Pankrat-Lurinat Fialka owner), Plakhotin Anton B. (Samson-Timange Fialka*RU owner) & Kozin Sergei V. & his family (the new owners of our CH(FIFe)Zhar-Ptitsa-Lurinat Fialka). We do hope that in the future our Siberian family will grow!

     COLOURS & PATTERNS. The foundation cat for our cattery is Siberian male, born in 2002, World & European Champion Jonathan-Timange - Jonathan is black blotched - we fell in love with this pattern & started to work with classic pattern in all the colour varieties (blue, black, silver).
      Our cattery was named after our 1st Siberian female & my beloved cat, the chief of our pride - FIFe Europe Champion VEILCHEN Prinzessin (born in 2003) - in English her name means Princess VIOLET  & in Russian VIOLET means FIALKA - in the Veilchen Prinzessin`s pedigree - the model for the 1st standard of Siberian breed - the famous cat Roman; Veilchen Prinzessin represents in our cattery only Saint-Petersburg breeding lines coming from "Marcell" & "Bast" catteries. Veilchen Prinzessin made us fall in love with blue colours. That`s why almost all our cats of blue colour or carriers of dilution gene. BTW Mironova Olga S. in her book "Aborigiene Cats of Russia" says that the 1st cats that appeared in the territory of ancient Russia were of blue colour.
       Today in our cattery we have a rainbow of colours: blue classic tabby, blue-cream torbie, blue silver classic with & without white, black silver with different patterns with & without white, black smoke with white, black solid, black classic tabby without white, black spotted with white.

      BREEDING LINES of our cattery mainly are the old Saint-Petersburg lines, starting from famous Roman: "Marcell", "White Raven" & "Bast" (WACC), "Chingi-Tura" (WCF), "Bruno-Ange" & "Knyaz` Gvidon" (FIFe). Besides, in our cattery there are representatives of the breeding lines coming from other cities, towns & regions of Russia: "Laskovyi Zver`", "Adagio", "Slavicat" & "Serebrianyi Kliuch" (Moscow), "Sibirskaya Zhemchuzhina" (Kirov), "Sidimi" (Vladivostok), "Manchzhury" (Voronezh), "Urkis" (the Urals), "Tayozhnaya Skazka" & breeding lines from Krasnoyarsk (Siberia).

     OUR BREEDING PHILOSOPHY. We try to gather in our cattery "Fialka" the best breeding lines of Saint-Petersburg & Russia, taking as a model for breeding the bright, charismatic, sophisticated & aristocratical type of Siberian cat - the best represantatives of this type we can find in "Marcell" lines (well-boned, huge, with high intellect of wild & rare colours). We are sure that aborigiene breed must be healthy: we use in our breeding programm the lines being out of HCM & PKD risky groups, our cats are tested negative for FELV & FIV at the Laboratory of Research Centre of Russian Medical Sciences Academy).


Here you can see the test results of our cattery graduates in the catteries abroad: 
      OUR CHAMPIONS. At the moment in our cattery 19 Siberians live: we have 7 highest WCF & FIFe titles - 2 WCF World Champions, 4 FIFe Europe Champions, 1 Supreme FIFe Champion; & also - 4 WCF Grand International Champions, 1 FIFe Grand International Champion, 3 FIFe International Champions, 1 WCF International Champion, 2 FIFe Champions, 1 WCF Champion.
     OUR GRADUATES. Now the graduates of our cattery live worldwide: in Russia, Estonia, USA, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy & Holland. The photos of our fraduates you can see on the pages "Our Graduates" & "Photos".

     Don`t forget to visit on our site the pages "Our plans" & "A kitten for you" - probably there you`ll find a new friend!

     THE LIFE STANDARDS IN OUR CATTERY. We feed our cats only best professional food of the last generation: HOLISTIC & natural food. Our cattery applies only the very best veterinarians of Saint-Petersburg - & our kittens can adopted by new owner only with guarantees of the same life standards. At the shows the super condition of our cats was awarded by Special Prizes from club "Surok" (Finland) & club "Southern Countries Cal Club" (UK).

     In our cattery a female with her kittens is kept in a separate room - in this case the other females can`t disturb her. Only when the kittens are 2 months old - they move to the common rooms of the pride. Starting from the very 1st days we control the development of the kittens, their weight, teeth changing & so on. We take a special care about every kitten. All our graduates are very tender & friendly cats.

      If afer visiting our page - you`d like to share your impressions, if you have any questions - please, e-mail us or leave a message in our Guest book.
      We were visited by TV Channel 1tvch, programm "Cat Alphabet" & our cattery took part in a programm about Siberian breed. You can watch this TV programm right now!
In this programm took part: EC(FIFe)Edelweiss Yurik of Fialka,  EC(FIFe)Veilchen Prinzessin, WCH(WCF)Ulyana Chingi-Tura, kitten Lazur`-Timange Fialka*RU, GIC(FIFe/WCF)Amour-Timange Fialka, WCH(WCF)/EC(FIFe)Jonathan-Timange.
1st part. TV-programm about Siberian breed.
2nd part. TV-programm about Siberian breed.

      We do hope that the visit to our webpages will be interesting, pleasant & useful for you. Welcome to the SIBERIAN CAT WORLD!
Elena Hildebrandt & her Sibs

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

e-mail: elena_guild@mail.ru, elena.guild@gmail.com, princessfialka@rambler.ru

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