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These are Siberians!

The Russians started to settle Siberia at the end of the sixteenth century. The cats were really popular and helpful animals for Russian people. The settlers took them on their long journey to that unknown, although beautiful part of Russia.

The Siberian climate is very severe and that is also why it demands the cats` coat to become so thick and "water repelling". Siberians have really good health, great temperament, but - they know very well who is "their man" and then, they are ready to give him or her the biggest part of their big and real love.

Siberians are a loyal, friendly by character. It`s a semi-longhaired breed. They can make great companions.
They have thick undercoats that require minimal grooming. They are non-allergic to most people who exhibit allergies to other cats. They are accepted in all colour patterns, 

These cats can be held in a village as well as in a big city in a block of flats. They would enjoy each of these areas. But if you make an outdoors free walking possible, be sure that it will bring your cat a fantastic thick coat. One of the most important facts is, that Siberian cats are 100% natural race although they present themselves like very aristocrats at cat shows.

The Siberians are slow to mature taking up to three or five years, and should develop into a large heavy cat, males are considerably bigger than females.

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